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Re: Please check Korean documents (Was: Re: maint-guide update: final confirmation before upload)

Yooseong Yang schrieb:

On Mon, Mar 28, 2005 at 03:54:52PM +0200, Jens Seidel wrote:
Please verify this for:
(and .ps version).

Yes, everything's fine. Thanks a lot.


I would also like to know how to translate remaining English texts such
as "Chapter" in *.tex files. I tried defining these in source in the
same way as for Japanese (\def\chaptername{XYZ} or similar) and used
another macro package from hlatex package (in the documentation I found
that there seem to be multiple different Korean styles/dialects/...
which confused me) but nothing worked.

What do you mean by "translate"? Chapter is translated to "Jang" in Korean like:

You're right I do not speak Korean but I used a few glyphs (or characters or whetever) from the document to overwrite "chapter" and "table of contents", ... This document could not be parsed successfully. The same approach is used for Japanese (since there is no babel support for this language) and works well except that the order of words in a reference (e.g. in "see chapter 3", instead of "see 3 chapter") is wrong, so that this is NOT translated.

"Chapter 1" to "1 Jang". "Jang" is just english pronunciation, as you know.
Some efforts to translate this "chapter" to "jang" is tried in KLDP
(Korea Linux Documentation Project http://kldp.org). I'll check it out. We also should sleep on "Contents".


You don't need to worry about dialects in korean documentation.


The current solution is not bad but if it can be improved ...

Yeap, you can say that again. I hope documents written in CJK will be fully parsed with debiandoc-sgml.

Indeed it is fully supported (but Chinese has same problems with "chapter", ... strings as well).

Also the bookmarks in PDF documents are wrongly encoded ...

Not in cvs, you can use my doc-debian-ko package for more test. :>
I also uploaded debiandoc-sgml-doc pacakge in local archive on Debian-KR
server. If you want to see this document, let me give it to you. If somethign wrong, let me know it. :>

Do you plan to upload it to Debian package pool as well? We have already a pt_BR translation.


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