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Re: Japanese and Chinese PDF support

On Mon, Jan 03, 2005 at 12:51:41AM +0100, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 02, 2005 at 05:59:54PM +0100, Jens Seidel wrote:
> > On Sun, Jan 02, 2005 at 07:05:08AM +0100, Jens Seidel wrote:
> > > I changed a few Makefiles in Debian's DDP CVS and enabled creation of
> > > Japanese and Chinese PDF files. I just use scripts from quick-reference
> > > to modify the debiandoc-sgml created LaTeX file.
> Jens,
> Before propagating our work around, how about creating patch to
> debiandoc-sgml in which some option will enable reading these external
> fix command?

Such a bug report on debiandoc-sgml was opened by you long time ago.
The implementation of such a feature should be really simple but I would
also like full support of Japanese and Chinese (and Greek, ...) in

Instead of waiting for a new upstream version (which would never enter
woody which drives www-master!?) I decided to start. That's a good way
to test our scripts and may people think about support for Asian

By the way: Most Asian PDF documents are now online below
www.debian.org/doc. No errors occurred up to now.

Just for the archive: Compare bugs: #202315, #214249, #202317, #207810


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