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Japanese and Chinese PDF support

Hi all,

I changed a few Makefiles in Debian's DDP CVS and enabled creation of
Japanese and Chinese PDF files. I just use scripts from quick-reference
to modify the debiandoc-sgml created LaTeX file.

Please note that ja.pdf build will fail as usual without a checkout of

Instead of using hyphenation patterns for old German orthography new ones
are used (1998+) and Polish (==German) quotation characters are better
supported by replacing `` ... '' with the proper ,, ... '' characters.
I hope this doesn't break anything ...

If it doesn't build Japanese files for you ensure to delete old files,
especially .ja.toc.

Korean support is still missing! Does anyone know a valid Korean LaTeX

Please test all changes carefully and report all problems to me.

PS: Developer Reference (English version) isn't currently buildable!
 nsgmls:developers-reference.sgml:2104:49:E: there is no attribute "NAME"

Similar for apt-howto:
 nsgmls:apt-howto.ca.sgml:11:11:E: element "TRANSLATOR" undefined

and securing-howto:
 nsgmls:fr/titletoc.sgml:7:11:E: element "TRANSLATOR" undefined

PS2: Osamu, I noticed that it's possible to use HTML-entities such as
ö for ö where the 8bit character is not valid because of encoding.
We used the ANSI representation of this character in Debian Reference
(mainly in appendix for translators names), which I replaced back using
fixlatex for PDF. This is not necessary.


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