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Re: Release Notes available for translation

Hmm, shouldn't sarge be on head, not a branch? Anyway, after getting it
checked out I had a read through. 

 - the speakup images have just been reorganised now, so there are now
   two driver disk images, one for CD and one for network installs
 - the path to the installation manual on the mirrors has changed from
   /dists/sarge/main/disks-i386/current/doc/install.txt to
   (With <ll> being en or whatever)
 - I think it would be best to avoid the use of the term "componentized"
   given what progeny is doing with/to that term. s/componentized/modular/.
 - 4.3. says that the recommended upgrade method is dselect with apt,
   while 4.4 talks about upgrading with aptitude.

If you're looking for more new features to mention, a few in d-i

 - automatic detection of hardware
 - support for automated installations by debconf database preseeding
 - grub as the default bootloader (i386)
 - automatic detection of other operating systems installed on your
   computer, and addition of these to the boot menu (i386, powerpc)
 - support for resizing fat and vfat filesystems (but not ntfs) (i386)
 - DVD images of debian
 - localised to xxx languages (see our release announcments for numbers;
   I forget how many languages the boot floppies were localised to)

see shy jo

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