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Release Notes available for translation

I do hope this reaches all the eager translators who have in the past
expressed interest in translating the release notes for sarge, only to
have been disappointed at the lack of an original English version.

Sorry, but there are more important things in this world, picking
flowers on a bright summer's day for instance.

But i'm pleased to announce that a lot of the work on the release notes
is now complete. Currently i'm waiting for the release notes to be built
into the debian www tree (it may take some time as i only asked today,
oops ;) and available at w.d.o/r/sarge. Once thats done I plan to
announce their availability on d-d-a so that i can get feedback on these
changes, especially for arch specific things.

So translators: ready, stead go...


Rob 'robster' Bradford

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