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Re: rewording to avoid sexist language on debian page (fwd)

Martin Wheeler wrote:
 .. err ...only if you come from a >>non-sexist<< culture.
No, i don't think that it is like that, cause it has nothing to do
with culture but with ethics. You respect women cause they are humans
as you. Discriminating them is wrong - against everything any culture
says. That is the way it is. Enforcing culturual values may be wrong,
but trying to make people realize non-cultural values but *human* values, is anything but wrong.

So let's drop the delightfully absorbing discussion, and see what we can do to arrive at a compromise between the two points of view, shall we?
Yes we should.

and in every second and if change begins at debian documentation then
it is ok.

Only if you're so deluded as to think that by legislating language use you can change the way people think.

Language will change of its own accord; all debian-doc can do is reflect this; NOT cause it to occur.

False. You can't change the way people think - what you can is showing
the better way and thats what anti-sexism is all about - showin' and livin' whats better. But now let's get back to the point.


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