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Note on alioth.debian.org


I realized following 3 facts and wondering about next action.

1.  Be patient :-)

It takes some time to update alioth.debian.org system.  I created
account, and/or password.  It took sometime to propagate it across the
system.  If you are wondering like me, just wait at least a day before
complaining lack of access.

2.  SSH keys can be SSH2 protocol.

Although some documents may say SSH1 only elsewhere like GFORGE
documentation, it seems alioth.debian.org accepts SSH2 keys.  You set
these keys from (scroll down!)


Original Gforge documentation is available at

3. The admin accounts have good shell access.

Yes, it does (I just did not know initially).  

But directory arrangement seems quite different from sourceforge.net or
old cvs.debian.org.

  /cvsroot/      : This has all the CVS modules
  /cvsroot/ddp/  : This will have all ddp contents including CVSROOT/

User home directory and project home-directory are different location from

User home directory and project home directory can be gained from login shell:
 user home:    $(cd; cd .. ; pwd)/<username>
 project home: $(cd; cd .. ; cd .. ; pwd)/groups/<projectname>

 web page:     $(cd; cd .. ; cd .. ; pwd)/groups/<projectname>/htdocs/
(looks empty, need work here.  Or maybe redirect to DDP web pages on
Debian site)

Well, this is very usable system and we need to get us using it.

I am wondering who will work on home page and how will it be done.  Any


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