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Rewrite/redesign of apt-howto

Hello all,

I've started to rethink apt-howto for sarge. First of all, thanks to Osamu for
the work he's been doing for apt-howto =).

I would like to hear comments and suggestions and also if you want to
write something that you think might be useful maybe it can enter the

My objectives are:

1 - target sarge, so let's think about what a new sarge user wants to know,
not necessarily an unstable user

2 - aptitude! I am no longer focusing on apt-get, as I've been convinced that
using a more inteligent libapt-using-program is much better/safer -- there
are some stuff that aptitude cannot do that apt-get can, though, like dealing
with source packages, so it is still there

3 - getting new stuff documented: many things have emerged in Debian
recently that need to be well documented to reach a bigger public, I really
want to have stuff like apt-src and apt-fu, which I recently heard about

4 - repository/networked computers handling -> this is very important...
this has been fragmented in the guide 'till now, and placed improperly.

Mainly, my goal is having the very cool stuff there is in Debian known to
the public (mainly Debian newcomers) in a practical way.

You can check out my current work at:


Notice that some stuff has been removed and not reintegrated yet,
and some stuff has not really been touched yet.

Comments? =)

kov@debian.org: Gustavo Noronha <http://people.debian.org/~kov>
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