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How to Save Info to Floppy/Zip

Dear Sirs:

After a long and almost frustrating struggle, this newbie finally got
Debian 3.0 installed and running. However, I have two problems. One
(printing) I think I can solve since I currently printing out this
information from your website. But, let me point out that I am having to
use Redhat 8.0 to do it. The second problem I have is saving information
to a floppy or zip disk. I have searched all the information I can find
(any unix manuals and such) and I cannot find how to save information to a
disk. I want to start my own website and keep that information on a floppy
or zip but how do I do it? Could you tell me how or tell me where I can
get the information?

Thank you for your time and trouble.

Clyde Flatt

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