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Re: How to Save Info to Floppy/Zip


On Sat, Nov 22, 2003 at 01:56:22PM -0800, usafmsgt@outb.com wrote:
> Dear Sirs:
> After a long and almost frustrating struggle, this newbie finally got
> Debian 3.0 installed and running. However, I have two problems. One
> (printing) I think I can solve since I currently printing out this
> information from your website. 

Hey you are not alone.  We all go through this.

If you can configure printing, you are qualified as a good entry level
unix admin.  I can assure you that it was as difficult with RH5.0 as
current Debian.  (Or any other Unix system.)  Printing is not trivial.

I was just thinking to add this fact to "Debian Reference".


> But, let me point out that I am having to use Redhat 8.0 to do it. 

I hear CUPS in Debian is good shape.  (I guess RH recently uses CUPS).
Unfortunatelu for you, Debian ships with LPR.

What you were successful with new RH means that RH is doing a very good
job but Debian is a good system.  You just has to know how traditional
Unix-type OS works.  That's all.

> The second problem I have is saving information
> to a floppy or zip disk.

I trhink zip are mounted as scsi ....  so /dev/sd0 or something. 

> I have searched all the information I can find (any unix manuals and
> such) and I cannot find how to save information to a disk. I want to
> start my own website and keep that information on a floppy or zip but
> how do I do it? Could you tell me how or tell me where I can get the
> information?

I guess you were looking only HOWTO but did not read principles they
explain.  Anyway, here is a hint:

1. Put floppy to first slot of real floppy drive.
2. From root
# mount /dev/fd0 /floppy
# chmod 777 /floppy
3. Then from user
$ cp from_somefile to_somename

Information are:
$ man mount
$ man chmod
$ man cp
> Thank you for your time and trouble.

No problem.  Please install debian-reference-en package and read it :-)
( http://www.debian.org/doc/reference )

Unix aint an easy thing.  debian-users list is a good start.


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