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Promise Fastrack 100 Controller

I'm Thabit Allah and I'm a computer engineering major at Los Angeles Community College. I have a Visison dual processor PII -1Ghz, w/2G ram, (2) 80G hd, Radeon 9000 128m board, CD/DVD-RW, zip and floppy. I have been trying to load Woody's Debian for the past 8 days now without success.
I went to your HOW-TOs but the link for the promise driver is dead. I searched the (7) CDs but there is no promise driver. Promise doesn't make a driver for Debian. So do you know of any websites that have a copy of this driver.
My only other alternative is redhat 9.0 which asks if I want the driver loaded. I press the enter key and in about 90 minutes I have a linux system up and running. The only problem is that I hate Windows and that's what redhat has become a clone. So if you can't help I just have to keep looking. Is there a website for BEOS?
Thabit Allah

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