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Re: Fwd: Rejecting NM applicant Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>

On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 10:41:04AM -0400, mark@dulug.duke.edu wrote:
> > Dang. Maybe we should streamline our process.
> Double dang. If we can't find a way to get Norm in (who BTW offered to maintain 
> all the DocBook packages), then something about the application process needs to 
> be fixed. 
> He's clearly qualified, and we should be honored that an individual of his 
> stature would like to become a DD. FWIW, we could also use his help. Shame on us.

The fact that he knows a lot about DocBook (I understand who he is)
doesn't mean he knows anything at all about Debian packages or

But if he cannot be bothered to pass the NM process then the NM process
is working.  The questions asked are not exactly rocket science stuff
and don't take that long to answer.  While I don't know him that well, 
I'm pretty sure he knows English pretty well so the difficulty in
understanding the language should not be a barrier.

It's probably a good thing.  If he doesn't have the time to answer some
reasonably simple questions about things he already should know (if he's
clearly qualified for packaging) then its likely he might not have time
to do packaging well (because, for example his upstream work consumes
all his time).

The again, he may of chosen not to complete the NM process for totally
different reasons.  Anyone is free do to that.

To say there is a problem with the NM process just because someone is
a prolific Free Sfotware developer chooses not to follow it is not a good
reason at all.  Being a maintainer in Debian is more than coding
software. Your comments show your ignorance of what the process is
trying to do.

I don't see anywhere in our documents where it says if you are a
well-known Free Software developer you automatically get Debian

This got on debian-private somehow as well as other mail lists. My stuff
doesn't have to be private.

 - Craig
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