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Re: Comment on the www.debian.org/doc/dpp page

On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 05:51:12PM -0600, Adam DiCarlo wrote:
> > But yeh, I also see how fetching some information from the other CVS tree
> > is useful. Just make sure that the WMLs aren't SNAFU without that :)
> Sounds like too much complexity for now.
> >From before:
> > The whole layout of /doc should be changed so that each document has a
> > data file of its own, which will then be included in a separate page, in
> > the listing of documents of the same type, of the same user base, and
> > in this case of the same level of quality.

Well, not necessarily complex. We can make the WML data files be
automatically generated by makefile rules which would fetch the data from
DDP. With a little bit of parsing, there won't be any restraints as far as
the format goes.

So, we could make the DDP files normal stanza-format (e.g. Packages files.
Thinking about it, doc-base files could be used, too!) or something equally
easy to parse, and the WML files on the web site would have all the benefits
of WML plus the up-to-date DDP data.

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