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Re: debian docbook styling

On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 05:19:54AM -0600, Adam DiCarlo wrote:
> Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> writes:
> > Since utils/scripts was for site building scripts, I just put utils/convert
> > for all the file format converters by Philippe Batailler.  First one was 
> > 
> >  utils/convert/debian-docbook (debiandoc-sgml to docbook-xml converter)
> > 
> > So how about
> >  utils/convert/docbook-xsl
> >  utils/convert/docbook-dssl
> >  utils/convert/docbook-css
> > for those XML to print out converters.
> I don't really like this approach.  You're mixing up a default
> stylesheet customization layer (DSSSL or XSL -- CSS will go with one
> of those two and is not it's own) with a document formatter.

I agree.  (Sorry for my sloppy wordings.)

> I would suggest even convert/debian-docbook is one level too deep.
> I would suggest this layout:
>   utils/debiandoc-to-docbook (what was utils/convert/debian-docbook)
>   utils/docbook-xsl-style    ("house style" for XSLT/XSLFO formatted output)

OK. Question:

Can we move these directory without causing havoc to the CVS.

I know people have to check out again and history etc get screwed up but
I thought it is doable.  (my quick-reference maybe best moved to
debian-reference at the same time.)

> I would rather put off or avoid completely the notion of providing
> docbk formatter "helpers".  God knows we have too many of the things
> already out there (docbook-utils comes to mind), none of which work
> very well IMHO.  The fact is, converting docbook via XSL to HTML or
> PDF or what have you is not really our problem -- it's a general
> XML/XSL toolchain issue.

I was not thinking this yet.
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