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Re: What should go into "How Software Producers can distribute their products directly in .deb format"?

Aaron Isotton said:
> This is the basic idea for packages which can be adapted to the FHS in
> a reasonable way; but for some really large, closed-source and older
> programs that might be too difficult; it would probably be much easier
> to put them into their "own" directory, with their own bin, lib, and
> whatever other folders they need.  I know that isn't the "proper" way
> to do it, but I'd prefer some program to be installed in this impure
> way than overwriting some other files or sprinkling the file system
> with mysterious configuration and cache files.  Thoughts?

I think it would also be necessary to include suggestions on how to
prepare a source tree to be Debian-packageable (there we go, new verb
for the day) as it is not unreasonable to assume that development can
happen on non-Debian systems.

This sounds like a good start though!


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