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Re: CVS location for dselect documentation for beginners

On Sat, 2002-12-07 at 22:15, Josip Rodin wrote:


> > > The situation is similar with the release notes, which just need a few
> > > tags to be able to skip some info for architectures recently released.
> > 
> > Yes, ditto.

Great. Having the release notes in b-f cvs always seemed illogical to
me, afterall they're for upgrades...

<Joy> robster: i'll make a new tree under the tree for all other docs,
it'll be nice an comfy there :)


> > Is anyone responsible for the rewrite of the install manual for d-i?
> > I'd prefer not to take it since I'd like to put my attention on
> > developers-reference, doc-base, and my bugs for a while...
> Chris Tillman did the large amounts of work on the current install manual,
> IIRC, he might be interested in this.

I'd quite like to take this on, especially if Chris is interested in
doing it as well. 


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