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CVS location for dselect documentation for beginners


The dselect beginners guide is the one document in the b-f CVS tree that
_really_ doesn't belong there: if you remove the dependencies on the b-f
files from the header, you'll notice just a few missing tags, none of which
are even borderline important to the document itself, and all of them
trivial to arrange in a separate tree.

I'm thinking of moving it out into the DDP tree where it will likely get
some more attention and tender loving care ;) Any suggestions for preserving
the history? cp the ,v files, or just ignore that and cvs remove here + cvs
add there, with a pointer to the old place just in case anyone cares?

The situation is similar with the release notes, which just need a few tags
to be able to skip some info for architectures recently released.

The installation manual needs entities from the po files of debootstrap, but
the document will likely need a rewrite for debian-installer, and I'm not so
sure if it will be doable in exactly the same way with d-i. In any case, we
can write scripts to obtain the data from wherever it is.

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