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Re: RFC: Changing of /doc/manuals/ implementation


Can you clarify...

On Tue, Sep 10, 2002 at 10:18:11AM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Rob Bradford wrote:
> > On Mon, 2002-09-09 at 16:26, Martin Schulze wrote:
> To make clear which is a directory and which is a file, I've added a
> trailing slash for all directories.  Hence, the line starting with
> "other" refers to files instead of directories.
> > So long as there is an index for the various formats languages as
> > index.html within the directory. Someone pointed out to me that there
> > was no way of knowing if a pdf/ps was available because index.html was
> > the first page of the manual.
> This could easily be done (needs to be implemented, though, but if
> nobody steps forward, you could count on me implementing it).
> Links to other formats are added from the main ddp index pages, not
> from individual pages.  This could be improved, I agree.
> Let's take a look at an example, would the following match your
> intention?
> Manual be "reference"
> HTML  /doc/manuals/reference/reference.<lang>.html
>       /doc/manuals/reference/ch-preface.<lang>.html
>       ...
> PDF   /doc/manuals/reference/reference.<lang>.pdf
> PS    /doc/manuals/reference/reference.<lang>.ps.gz
> INDEX /doc/manuals/reference/index.<lang>.html

What are you thinking to use as <lang>?  Also justification.

For HTML, we need: en, fr, it, pt-br, ...
But locale of them are: en, fr, it, pt_BR, ...

Also, when I did this someone told me mltiple extension are not alaways
usable on all OSs.  How do you address that kind of concern?  "Ignore" is
a good answer for me :)

> The INDEX files need to be created by a script during the build of the
> DDP.  This will require some tweaking and modifying the HTML output
> with something like s/index.<lang>.html/<man>.<lang>.html/g, but it's
> doable.
> > I'm just interested in tidying this up as i had to ssh into gluck to
> > identify if a pdf of a manual was available for a friend.
> Ouch!  I thought they were referenced from the ddp index pages, so
> didn't pay attention to it.  As a sidenote, I seem to recall that
> there are tons of PDF errors during building of the release notes.  I
> guess this requires some investigation as well.

English pages are upodated for my document.  I was thinkin updating
othes.  But I was thinkin standarizinf file structure and ask someone to
make standarized template for easy translation.

     Authors:      Osamu Aoki
     Maintainer:   Osamu Aoki
     Status:       Most comprehensive DDP user manual at the moment. Seeking
                   constructive criticisms.
     Availability: [Full length document]

                   |English version: |HTML |plain text |PDF |PS |
                   |French version:  |HTML |plain text |PDF |PS |
                   |Italian version: |HTML |plain text |PDF |PS |
                   |Spanish version: |HTML |plain text |PDF |PS |

                   [Short length document]

                   |English version: |HTML |plain text |PDF |PS |

> Personally, I would like to keep the current structure where possible
> since it provides easy to recall and short links -- if they fit into
> the structure, which doesn't seem to be the case for all manuals.

I think your idea of renaming index.<lang>.html is interesting.

> I'd also like to not add too many directory levels that need to be
> supported with special index files.  This could make it more difficult
> for people to reach the file and will require the creation of more and
> more multilingual index files outside of wml.
> I'd be willing to help with tidying up.
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