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Re: RFC: Changing of /doc/manuals/ implementation

On Mon, 2002-09-09 at 16:26, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Rob Bradford wrote:
> > I'm proposing a new hierarchy for the /doc/manuals/ tree.
> I'd like to object, if I may...
> > My suggestion for the hierarchy is as follows:
> > 
> > /doc/manuals/<lang>/<manual-name>/<format>/
> Hmm, I just noticed something odd:
> HTML	/doc/manuals/<manual-name>/
> other	/doc/manuals/<lang>/<manual-name>.<format>.<suffix>
> I wonder why this isn't implemented like:
> HTML	/doc/manuals/<manual-name>/
> other	/doc/manuals/<manual-name>/<manual-name>.<lang><format>.<suffix>

Is this a directory? If so use a / if not, how do you deal with the
chapter seperation for html? :(

So long as there is an index for the various formats languages as
index.html within the directory. Someone pointed out to me that there
was no way of knowing if a pdf/ps was available because index.html was
the first page of the manual.

I'm just interested in tidying this up as i had to ssh into gluck to
identify if a pdf of a manual was available for a friend.

Moreover if we do more seperation the generation of single file html and
seperated chapter versions would be useful. =)


Rob 'robster' Bradford
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