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Overhaul of package listing at wiki.debian.net/JuniorPackages

I have completely overhauled the Debian Jr. packages listing formerly
at http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-jr/packaged (and which will remain
there for the time being until the wiki is filled out a bit more).

Please have a look at the new listings at http://wiki.debian.net/JuniorPackages
This was lovingly hand-imported from the old listings, so I may have made
some errors.  Particularly check the URLs at the bottom of each package
node, which were all hand-entered.  I may have transposed some letters
leading to broken URLs (debain for debian is what my fingers keep wanting
to type).  I am really quite new to Zwiki so if someone knows a better way
to handle the links to packages and bugs, please let me know.  Better yet,
fix it yourself. :)

It's a shame, but I guess the German and Swedish translations of these texts
at the old www.debian.org site will be obsoleted.  Of course, if we had some
gung ho translators who wanted to translate the whole wiki ... but that
would be really crazy to keep up with, given the fluid nature of wikis.

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