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Site with MOST "-doc" packages installed available for Debian developers use.

Our LUG web server is a Debian (mostly "woody", some "sid") machine, and
I've installed most of the "-doc" type packages that are supposed to be
available from the web server's standard "/doc" URL.  Even after
"doc-base" has existed for several years, not all of them register
themselves, as evidenced by <URL:http://www.pdxlinux.org/dc/>".  Another
thing you will notice is that the headings in the left side need a
little going over and consolidation.  For instance, there is both a
"devel" and a "development" heading, a "doc" and a "docs" heading.  This
list of headings for "doc-central" ought to be standardized at some
point, hopefully for the next release.  (sid)

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