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Wiki-based documentation project

I am concidering setting up a service similar to Wikipedia, where users can 
freely add and modify documentation about the Debian project.  The site would 
contain information about all packages, including the installation, 
configuration and use of them, more general documentation, like HOWTOs, and 
trivia, like the history of different programs.  The site will not cover the 
use of any other program distributions than Debian, but will attempt to cover 
all architectures and kernels Debian supports equally well.

I guess the fact that it is so easy to make additions and modifications to 
the pages, will encourage many people to contribute.  It sure will encourage 
many people to try to spoil the pages too, but we'll just make sure changes 
are easily undoable, by using something similar to CVS (as Wikipedia does).

I'm not sure how much of the existing documentation (man-pages, info-pages, 
HOWTOs etc.) can be imported into the system, because of the possible 
licensing issues.  Perhaps non-modifiable pages is the solution to this.  A 
suitable license for this project would probably be the GNU Free 
Documentation License.

It might be possible to host this at a local UUG with a high capacity 
connection, or SourceForge, but I would hope this could be an official part 
of Debian, hosted by the Debian Project at doc.debian.org or similar.

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