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Re: Wiki-based documentation project

On Fri, 2002-05-17 at 12:44, Morten Hustveit wrote:
> I am concidering setting up a service similar to Wikipedia, where users can 
> freely add and modify documentation about the Debian project.  The site would 
> contain information about all packages, including the installation, 
> configuration and use of them, more general documentation, like HOWTOs, and 
> trivia, like the history of different programs.  The site will not cover the 
> use of any other program distributions than Debian, but will attempt to cover 
> all architectures and kernels Debian supports equally well.
Uhm, wiki.debian.net
> It might be possible to host this at a local UUG with a high capacity 
> connection, or SourceForge, but I would hope this could be an official part 
> of Debian, hosted by the Debian Project at doc.debian.org or similar.

If you decide you want to go ahead with this hosting is available at

Rob 'robster' Bradford

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