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Translate Debiandoc documents via PO file

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Hello translators,

I worked on some utilities to help managing translations of Debiandoc
SGML documents; they are inspired by poxml, designed by KDE documentation
The goal is to extract strings from documents, write them in a PO file,
translate it as usual, and build a translated document by mixing markup
of original document and translated strings.  There are many advantages,
e.g. paragraph move between documents cause no more headache.

Here is what I did to upgrade
from English CVS 1.16 to 1.22:
    $ cvs update -r 1.16 dselect-beginner.sgml
    $ debiandoc2po dselect-beginner.sgml dselect-beginner.fr.sgml > dselect-beginner.fr.po
(there is a warning about a paragraph mismatch, iy is easily found when editing
dselect-beginner.fr.po and looking for a shift between msgid and msgstr)
Fill in PO header
    $ cvs update -A dselect-beginner.sgml
    $ debiandoc2pot dselect-beginner.sgml > dselect-beginner.pot
    $ msgmerge dselect-beginner.fr.po dselect-beginner.pot > db.fr.po
Translate fuzzy and untranslated strings in db.fr.po
    $ mv db.fr.po dselect-beginner.fr.po
    $ po2debiandoc dselect-beginner.sgml dselect-beginner.fr.po > dselect-beginner.fr.sgml

This package is available under
I will continue to work on it (e.g. marked sections cause trouble)
and will package it when it is ready.  But as it seems to be usable for
simple documents, maybe it could already be of some help.


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