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cvs commit to ddp/manuals.sgml by osamu

Repository: ddp/manuals.sgml
who:        osamu
time:       Tue Apr 30 21:37:56 PDT 2002

Log Message:

I was reluctant but ...  I believe this was some kind of oversight
by Josip.  This must have slipped his mind when he was busy fixing
Debian web sites.  My appreciation to his recent jobs.

As everyone know that maint-guide is failing to build due to the
test(1) bug.  Although Josip, the maintainer, build web pages and
all other files manually at that moment, he did not touch this Makefile.

As a result, make job run by the CRON erased all the maint-guide web
pages he created manually and died again extending long period of DDP
web site without update from CVS.

Since Josip refuses to work around situation with an aesthetically
bad script to his eye I had to do this to build other web pages.
This helps Josip too.

Upon DDP server updated with woody, this fix should be reversed.


PS: With this fix, Josip can build web pages by hand again without
worrying about wiped out again. :)


changed:    Makefile

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