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Re: Fwd: Re: Volunteer

At 13:16 +0200 10/18/01, Neil Youngman wrote:
>In spite of the apparent lack of interest in the User Reference Manual I have
>produced a brief outline of what the Networking Chapter could look like. If
>the User Reference Manual is less dead than it appears, I would be willing to
>expand on the outline below.
>Neil Youngman
>15.1 What this chapter covers

 [many good things deleted]

>On Friday 12 October 2001  3:53 pm, Neil Youngman wrote:
>> Following the recent request for volunteers on DWN, I thought I might try
>> to help out. A quick look at the manuals show that there is a lot to be
>> done in the user reference manual, but the listed maintainer says that he
>> has not been involved with the project for a couple of years.
>> Is this manual still being maintained or should I look for another document
>> that I might be able to help with?
>> Neil Youngman

Which way shoud Neil and others go,
to get their ideas materialezed in Debian?

Probably two answers are needed.
Technical: Which tools to use.
Politycal: How to get documentation contributions sponsored.


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