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Early draft of release notes

A very early draft of the release notes is up at

As you can see only the structure is in place, the purpose of this draft
is to discuss exactly what we want in the release notes. I can then talk
to the debian-boot people and ports maintainers for information.

Any ideas for structure/content would be much appreciated.

Note we have some cynics in our midsts :)

19:35:04 <Viiru>        Lets just stop writing documentation at all.
19:35:14 <wolfie>       Viiru: isnt that what we already decided?
19:35:18 <Viiru>        Nobody ever reads it.
19:35:21 <wolfie>       nope
19:35:22 <Viiru>        wolfie: Did we?
19:35:24 <wolfie>       they just goto #debian
19:35:28 <wolfie>       and mailing lists and ask questions

Rob 'robster' Bradford
Chief Editor/Lead developer

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