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RE: Debian Manuals

At least the Debian Installation Manual is available in PDF as well as HTML
and SGML.
I think there are some efforts porting debian odc to the DocBook Standatd

Robert Ribnitz

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Subject: Debian Manuals

To whom it may concern:

 I was browsing the Debian Documentation Project pages at
Are there any plans to release the manuals in a non http format?  I've
across a couple of manuals that state that they have been released, but
I get there all I can find is a collection of linked web pages.

I was looking for Debian documentation that I can print out.  The
http format doesn't even lend it self to simply printing out the various
pages.  The Linux Documentation Project provides their documentation in
variety of formats, ASCII, PS, PDF, HTTP.  If you want documentation to
truly useful, you shouldn't need a spare computer to view it on.

Thanks for the work you've done so far.

Richard Coleman                  e-mail: Richard_Coleman@jws.com

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