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Fwd: Debian intro for UNIX users


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>>There seems to be a need for a short, straightforward introduction to Debian
>>that assumes general UNIX knowledge (either a free or commercial variant).
>>Most of the Debian guides that I see also serve as introductions to Linux or
>>UNIX, and spend a lot of time on installation tasks, file and directory
>>concepts, and the like.
>>I have introduced several UNIX-savvy friends of mine to Debian, so I drew
>>on my
>>experience and started writing something.  It assumes that the user has
>>moderate UNIX skills, and already has an installed Debian system to work with
>>(there is plenty of installation documentation lying about), and tries to
>>impart the information necessary to "get things done" in Debian as quickly as
>>A table of contents is below, and the work in progress is at
>><http://people.debian.org/~mdz/debian-for-unix-users.html/>.  Feedback is

Where did it go?

It is not any more at that location.

Feeding "debian-for-unix-users" to http://search.debian.org gives to much

>>     1.        The Debian Way
>>     1.1.      Introduction to Debian as a Free Software Operating System
>>     1.2.      The Debian Development Process
>>     2.        How to Find Documentation
>>     2.1.      On-Line Manual Pages
>>     2.2.      Finding the Right Package
>>     2.3.      The `/usr/share/doc' Directory
>>     2.4.      `dhelp'
>>     2.5.      Documentation Packages
>>     2.6.      Documentation Websites
>>     3.        Package Management
>>     3.1.      Introduction to Debian Packages
>>     3.2.      The Debian Archive
>>     3.3.      Working with Binary Packages: Software Installation and
>>               Removal
>>     3.4.      Working with Source Packages
>>     3.5.      Package Configuration
>>     4.        System Configuration
>>     4.1.      Users
>>     4.2.      Networking
>>     4.3.      The X Window System
>>     4.4.      Access Permissions
>>     5.        System Maintenance
>>     5.1.      Upgrading Packages
>>     6.        Glossary

Groet Geert Stappers
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