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Re: Debian intro for UNIX users

On Mon, Jul 30, 2001 at 06:17:17AM -0300, hzi wrote:
> > Well, we wait some time to see if there are objections, and then someone
> > commits it into the webwml CVS.
> Not that I'm objecting to anything ;-), I read KoV's apt-HOW-TO, it's a 
> piece of documentation that's sorely needed, but I'd like to know this: 
> who's entitled to object to something - any debian user (do people 
> vote?), or is it up to the developer's to decide?

It's up to the rational logic to decide -- whether this will be strictly
users or strictly developers or whatever, it doesn't matter. If the doc
doesn't raise real objections, it goes on the pages.

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