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make-kpkg doc WAS: Debian intro for UNIX users

At 10:03 +0200 7/30/01, Eduard Bloch wrote:
>#include <hallo.h>
>Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote on Sun Jul 29, 2001 um 05:00:31PM:
>> > Basically, compose an entry to be added to the web pages and suggest it
>> > here. After there's a consensus about it, it will be added.
>> an entry??
>> like this for example?:
>Did anyone wrote a "Managing Kernel and Modules with kernel-package"
>howto? I am considering to write one.

If it stays quiet at this list, then go ahead and write it.  ;-)

To reduce efforts, contact Manoj Srivastava the creator of the kernel-package.

Groet Geert Stappers
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