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Re: How do I get New Maintainer's Guide + Perl Policy in ASCII, ps or pdf?

On Fri, 29 Jun 2001, Julian Gilbey wrote:

> > How do I get the Debian manuals, especially New Maintainer's Guide and the
> > Perl Policy in ASCII/ps/pdf?
> Use debiandoc2* (where *=latex, latexdvi, latexps, latexpdf, text,
> textov etc.).

Thanks!  Where could I have found that information myself?  (I'm sure it's
written down somewher but I couldn't find it... :( )

Oh, one more thing:  the debiandoc2* commands in stable can't handle the
newest versions of the SGML documents.  Do I have to somehow get and run
the unstable version of debiandoc2-whatever?  Or can I just upgrade a
single dtd file or something similarly simple?

If I have to use the unstable version - is there a simple way to use it
with an otherwise standard debian stable installation?  I think it should
be possible to apt-get source debiandoc-whatever-the-package is called and
then run a nifty little script on it to create a new .deb file, this time
tailored to stable instead of unstable and then use dpkg on it...

Is that trick described somewhere?


Code is much like elephant dung.  The more code, the more bugs.
You have to let it rest a while to make sure that the bugs are gone (and large
heaps rot slowly).

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