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Re: How do I get New Maintainer's Guide + Perl Policy in ASCII, ps or pdf?

(are you cc'ing debian-doc@debian.ogr on purpose?)

On Sat, 30 Jun 2001, Julian Gilbey wrote:

> The SGML is written in debiandoc (you can tell that from the <!doctype
> debiandoc header); 

I know (and I know that, too)

> you can find debiandoc.dtd using dpkg -S, and that
> tells you to look in the debiandoc-sgml package.  Unfortunately they
> are not mentioned in the docs, but dpkg -L debiandoc-sgml will show
> them to you.

Thanks.  I already installed debiandoc-sgml.

> > Oh, one more thing:  the debiandoc2* commands in stable can't handle the
> > newest versions of the SGML documents.  Do I have to somehow get and run

> Can't they?  Why not?  It doesn't appear to have changed between
> stable and unstable.

I'm not sure. I think it was complaining about two missing entities, date
and version.

I just tried to recreate the situation so I could send you some logs
showing the problem and now of course, everything works perfectly.

They didn't at first, though.

In the meantime I've tried to install the debiandoc-sgml version in
unstable by (all as root) :

 o making a backup copy of /etc/apt/sources.list
 o inserting a deb-src line pointing to an unstable repository.  Using
deb-src should be safe.
 o apt-get update
 o apt-get --compile source debiandoc-sgml

This should have created a deb file that could be installed on a stable

I also tried doing that with a couple of other packages, e.g. apcupsd,
because I saw that used in an example in a recent slashdot discussion.

Alas, none of it worked.  However, doing the apt-get --compile source
debiandoc-sgml ran the makefile in the package which performed an 

 echo "blabla" > /somefile/somewhere/version.ent 

or something like that.  I think that was what fixed it.

(tries another little experiment...)

Oh, maybe I'm confusing myself a bit here.  I'm positive that the
perl-policy.sgml wouldn't convert before and that it does now.  The
policy.sgml file still doesn't, however:

firefly@sortesarah:~/legeplads/debpol/debian-policy$ debiandoc2latexps policy.sgml 
nsgmls:policy.sgml:4:45:E: cannot find "version.ent"; tried "version.ent", "/usr/local/share/sgml/version.ent", "/usr/local/lib/sgml/version.ent", "/usr/lib/sgml/version.ent"
nsgmls:policy.sgml:42:24:E: general entity "version" not defined and no default entity
nsgmls:policy.sgml:42:35:E: general entity "date" not defined and no default entity
debiandoc2latexps: ERROR: policy.tex could not be generated properly

Thinking that I might be imagining things I just tried:

firefly@sortesarah:~/legeplads/debpol/debian-policy$ locate version.ent

/home/firefly/debian-policy- is where the source package from
Debian unstable ended up.

/home/firefly/legeplads/stablepol/debian-policy is where I downloaded the
source package from Debian stable.  

Both the stable and unstable packages have nice (different) version.ent
files containing the missing date and version entities :)   It's only my
CVS version that doesn't.

(time for a new little experiment)

cd debian-policy-
debiandoc2text policy.sgml --> works perfectly.  I even get correctly
numbered footnotes

debaindoc2latexps policy.sgml --> has problems.

It complains:

firefly@sortesarah:~/debian-policy-$ debiandoc2latexps policy.sgml 
debiandoc2latexps: ERROR: policy.dvi could not be generated properly
debiandoc2latexps: rerun with the -v option to found out why
debiandoc2latexps: or check the log file policy.log

The .dvi files actually looks ok (when viewed with xdvi), but it's true,
there are some problems with the .tex file that debiandoc2latexps
generates (I tried running latex policy.tex manually in order to get the
contents and references to work)

Conclusion:   my own damn fault to use the CVS versions apparently.  The
unstable package works much better but still doesn't quite work.

(next little experiment)

I copied the version.ent file verbatim from ~/debian-policy- to
~/legeplads/debol/debian-policy and reran debiandoc2text policy.sgml:

firefly@sortesarah:~/legeplads/debpol/debian-policy$ cp ~/debian-policy- .
firefly@sortesarah:~/legeplads/debpol/debian-policy$ debiandoc2text policy.sgml 
saspconvert: policy.sgml:4577 (input line 9088): identifier `config files' is undefined
firefly@sortesarah:~/legeplads/debpol/debian-policy$ debiandoc2text policy.sgml 
saspconvert: policy.sgml:4577 (input line 9088): identifier `config files' is undefined

The sasp file seems to be generated by an sgml parsing tool that acts as
front-end in the quite complex process of converting sgml to text or
postscript.  I took a look inside policy.sasp:

-\011This chapter has been superseded by 
AID CDATA config files

This looks to me like an sgml file that is not quite in a consistent
state, which is ok, given that it's a CVS snapshot :)

I think I've more or less found out what is happening now...

Thanks for your help! :)


Code is much like elephant dung.  The more code, the more bugs.
You have to let it rest a while to make sure that the bugs are gone (and large
heaps rot slowly).

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