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How do I get New Maintainer's Guide + Perl Policy in ASCII, ps or pdf?

How do I get the Debian manuals, especially New Maintainer's Guide and the
Perl Policy in ASCII/ps/pdf?

Are they conveniently converted somewhere?

Or can someone give me the magical incantations to convert them myself?

I've tried (on the CVS version of debian-policy):

  sgmltools --backend=ps policy.sgml 


  sgmltools --backend=txt policy.sgml

which does indeed create a Postscript version and a text version of the
Debian Policy Manual (yes, I'd like to convert that too) but the text was
in red in the Postscript version and both were very pooly formated... and
footnotes were f*cked up in the text version.

I'm using Debian Stable (2.2r3) on an IBM A21m Thinkpad with an unchanged
2.2.19pre17-compact kernel.  I have 488 packages installed,
debiandoc-sgml, jade, jadetex, sgml-base, sgml-datam sgmlspl, sgmltools-2
(task-sgml, task-sgml-dev) amongst them.

Now, what did I do wrong...?

Is this just some temporary problem with policy.sgml or is it general?


Code is much like elephant dung.  The more code, the more bugs.
You have to let it rest a while to make sure that the bugs are gone (and large
heaps rot slowly).

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