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Re: Proposal: Weekly Debian user FAQ.

Yotam Rubin wrote:
> Gentle people,
>         I wish to propose the following piece of documentation:
> The user list (debian-user@lists.debian.org) is an extremely efficient method
> of obtaining technical support regarding Debian issues and non-Debian
> issues. Since many users encounter similar contemporary problems it would
> be nice if frequent questions/answers will be documented in a central place.
> This is especially useful because some users may wish to avoid the hectic
> traffic in debian-user. It also saves the user time harvesting the relevant
> information from all the (Occasionally non-accurate) replies.
> The prospective FAQ will be updated under a weekly basis.
> Now the question is: Should we incorporate this document in the existing Debian
> FAQ? Below are some arguments for and against.
> Against:
> * The FAQ will be updated frequently, and will probably grow considerably within
>   a short period of time. This might make the FAQ bulky and illogical in the
>   sense that it will contain numerous non-related questions/answers.

Personally, I think the best solution is to have only one FAQ.  A FAQ
can be very easy to use, even if it contains 400 questions/answers, if
the questions are carefully divided in categories (divide et impera
applies not only to the programming, but to the documentation too).

On the other hand, I think that the questions involving Linux in general
(and not Debian in particular) go to Linux FAQ or something else.


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