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Re: Proposal: Weekly Debian user FAQ.


this is a really good idea. Because of the traffic on debian-user it loses
some of the efficiency you mentioned. But if we had a good FAQ for this list
the traffic could be lowered and the efficiency increased (ok, not really
much, but it is a reason). Especially newbies don't have to search all
archives to find an answer before posting a question.

> * The FAQ will be updated frequently, and will probably grow considerably within
>   a short period of time. This might make the FAQ bulky and illogical in the
>   sense that it will contain numerous non-related questions/answers.
> My personal inclination is to separate the existing user FAQ and create
> Debian-Weekly-FAQ or something similar. We could also summarize weekly
> FAQ's and form bi-monthly "master" FAQ's.

I think it should be separated from the existing FAQ, because we don't want
the existing one to become confusing.
To prevent the new FAQ from getting confusing, it shouldn't be too large.
Not every question should be put in.

But I don't know if a weekly FAQ is the best idea. If I understand you
right, you want to create one FAQ per week/month. But then there would be no
association between them. If it is possible the FAQs should be organized by
topic. If there are a lot of questions about e.g. sound, there can be one
FAQ regarding that, another maybe regarding the package system and so on.
This makes it easier to search for a specific problem.
So I see the FAQ as an easier way to search for a solution for a certain

I hope my ideas can be of any help.
And sorry for my bad English.

Marco Herrn 		http://www.herrn.ch.vu
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