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Re: Proposal for a mailing list to improve Debian translation


At Sun, 18 Mar 2001 10:45:01 +0900,
Thomas T. Dorsey <dorseyt@tranos.com> wrote:

> Sometimes, it is really not that simple when you start playing with MBCS,
> right to left writing (Arabic), or even something like top to bottom then
> right to left MBCS (a traditional writing style in some Asian coutries.)

Yes.  I, personally, am concentrating on MBCS enabling for various
softwares.  As so far, relatively a small part of Debian softwares can
handle multibyte languages.  (Though I agree we have to support combining
characters and bi-direction also, I am a native Japanese speaker and I
know very well on our need, while I don't know well on the need of Thai,
Arab, and Hebrew people.)

I18N includes both programming techniques such as wide/multibyte characters,
locale, fontset, XIM, iconv, and so on and translation.  Translation is the
one category of I18N (you know, LC_MESSAGES).

I don't like to rename debian-i18n.  I think either of the following would
be OK:
 - Don't make any new mailing lists.  Translation techniques are to be
   discussed in debian-i18n.
 - Make a new mailing list, which would be debian-translation or debian-l10n.
   Translation techniques are to be discussed in the new list.  debian-i18n
   is kept as it is.

I don't understand what 'xl8n' means...

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.org>
"Introduction to I18N"

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