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Re: Proposal for a mailing list to improve Debian translation

Ye 2001-03-17 20:36 +0100, Christian Couder skribis:

> Martin WHEELER wrote:
> > 
> > May I suggest taking over the existing debian-i18n, and perhaps
> > re-naming it: "debian-xl8n", and using it to cover both
> > internationalization topics and translation techniques + procedures.
> > (At least until such time as the teams working in these areas feel the
> > need to separate the two out.)
> Ok, I agree with this. That's what I will do if no one objects.

While you are about it, may I suggest that subject lines be labelled
with the list name?  I know that people can use local software to sort
mail, but it would be helpful for those who don't to see "[xl8n]" in
the subject.

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