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Proposal for a mailing list to improve Debian translation


I am a member of the french translation team and we would like to create
a new Debian mailing list.
This new mailing list would be the place where many people would discuss
the means to improve Debian translation.

There are currently many translation lists but each of these list is
dedicated to the translation into a specific language.
So the different translation teams cannot talk to each other and cannot
work together to improve the tools they use.

For example some people in the french translation team are currently
working to improve the DTC script (this script check if some web pages
have changed and need to be updated), but the work is slow because only
a few of us are working on it. Perhaps the new list could help us find
other people interested in improving this script.

Also some web pages could be set up to describe which translation tools
are available and how to properly use them to translate for Debian.

We would like to call the new list "debian-l10n" or "debian-l10n-devel"
or "debian-l10n-tools". This list would be classified in the
"Internationalization and Translations" category. And everyone could
subscribe and post on this list.

If you do not object to it then I will send a wishlist bug report
against lists.debian.org as describe in the howto
( see http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/HOWTO_start_list ) to get the
list created.

Christian Couder.

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