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Re: Debian tools to find it.

	Very interesting... how about some throwing some tools (currently in
beta development)

- magpie : outputs the package information in a nice teasy format (HTML
output) for local browsing

- dpkg-iasearch: enables IA-assisted searchs using natural language

(currently in potato, help appreciated/needed/wanted)


On Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 03:16:01PM -0800, Kevin Turner wrote:
> Dear DDP,
> I humbly invite you to take the document at
> http://olug.cs.oberlin.edu/~kturner/deb-where.html
> and force everyone to read it before they ...
> well, I suppose that's asking too much.  But do feel free to take the
> content and incorporate it wherever you feel is appropriate.  I regret
> to say that its current URL may not be a permanent/stable one.  I'm
> quite flexible about the choice of license and markup.
> Here's the introduction:

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