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Debian tools to find it.

Dear DDP,

I humbly invite you to take the document at
and force everyone to read it before they ...

well, I suppose that's asking too much.  But do feel free to take the
content and incorporate it wherever you feel is appropriate.  I regret
to say that its current URL may not be a permanent/stable one.  I'm
quite flexible about the choice of license and markup.

Here's the introduction:

Where is it?

By far and away the most common question in #Debian is "Where is it?"
Fortunately, this is the sort of question that there are well-
established methods of finding answers for.

Here are some of the many variations on that question, and their

 * "When I type foo, which file gets executed?"

 * "Where is file bar.baz on my system?"

 * "I have a file quux on my system, which package does it belong to?"

 * "I don't have file quux on my system, but I need it. Which package do I

 * "I installed the zort package, now how do I know what files it gave me?"

 * "What files are used for the configuration of the troz package?"

 * "Which package has the noot stuff?"

 * "What program or function do I have that does snork?"

(The rest of the document is at 
http://olug.cs.oberlin.edu/~kturner/deb-where.html )

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