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Re: apt


On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Ask the Philosopher wrote:
> I have the Corel distribution of the debian kernel for Linux. I would like to upgrade using apt. However, though there is the apt sources file, Corel did not distribut the apt program or executable.
> Would you please e-mail me a copy of the program or tell me where I can download just the apt executable and in which directory I should copy it?
> Thanks,

 Actually, I believe Corel does include apt - its just not a GUI tool.
Also, I am sure that it has dselect; get out of X (or use an x-term)
and run "dselect" at the prompt. Be careful though, corel's debian breaks
if you try to uninstall the parts that are corel.

 Also, just for future reference, this is the sort of question that would
go on  the debian-users list; check that one out, it is very informative. 



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