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Re: Merged release notes (was Re: Errouneous link in dist upgrade documentation)

Josip Rodin wrote:
> > The dpkg_multicd package can be kept (at least for the moment), because it
> > does a relatively good job when installing additional pkgs in a "stable"
> > release. But it's never meant to do upgrades, and nobody should try to use
> > it for that purpose.
> The old Release Notes said exactly that. Joey (dpkg-multicd maintainer), do
> you know why?

I don't know.  I haven't written it.  dpkg-multicd should be as good
wrt. upgrades as other methods from dpkg (source pkg).  apt probably
does a better job when it comes to proper access to the archive, but
that wasn't the question.  dpkg-multicd has gotton some updates to
work better (there was one particular bug that Anne found).  It's
probably not compatible with dpkg-multicd2 that may appear on one
or the other system.



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