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Merged release notes (was Re: Errouneous link in dist upgrade documentation)


Attchd are the merged release notes; this is my "final version for the next
couple of days". Besides merging, I also "shuffled" things somewhat so that it
makes more sense this way. And several typographical things, especially the
<p>-surrounding of every <example>, which looks _much_ better in the .txt and
doesn't seem to affect other output formats. The merged stuff is pretty
roughly formatted in the sgml source, that's basically because I've got no
more time ;-)  And I've also been so bold to add my name to <author>, after
all ~30% of the document now is my writing. (Oh, and I've been editting on a
slink box, which requires a little different filling of <author>, which seems

Enough for now; just have a look at it for yourself.

  Anne Bezemer

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