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Re: Errouneous link in dist upgrade documentation

On Wed, May 24, 2000 at 10:27:31PM +0200, J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> So there actually are release notes? Excellent! I did ask & post several
> times on -devel, but was never told that there was some "official"
> initiative.

Strange, I read -devel... maybe it was just wrapped up in a post I skipped.

> When I asked on -boot, I was told that upgrade stuff definately wasn't
> discussed there, and that I should post to -devel. -doc seems the most
> appropriate; I'm also subscribed there.

Yeah. The actual testing of upgrades should be discussed on -testing list,
I guess, but since the Release notes just describe it, -doc list is
appropriate. I have changed the contact address in the document to -doc.

> > Anne, I see there's a HTML and a plain text version - are they perhaps
> > generated from a single SGML source?
> No, they're actually from a cpp-preprocessed HTML file and lynx -dump; see
> upgrade-i386/source/doc-src.

Okay, I'll see if any of that is impossible to do with our SGML+Makefile

> I use the CPP preprocessing mainly to get multiple $ARCH variants from one
> source.

The system the current release notes use does have support for this, and
other things.

> > The release notes are in /boot-floppies/documentation/release-notes.sgml
> > in the debian-boot CVS tree, that's DebianDoc SGML. Will you please look
> > at it? If you have straightforward patches, commit them or send them
> > over; but do tell me if there are major structural changes needed to add
> > stuff from your document.
> I know CVS as far as documented on http://cdimage.debian.org/ch32.html , but I
> don't seem to be able to access the release notes with that method. What
> paths etc. are needed?

Hm, try `cvs checkout boot-floppies/documentation' (instead of debian-cd).
After that of course you can remove everything there except Makefile, *.ent
and release-notes.sgml files. Then type `make dynamic.ent' to get that file
generated[1], and then do `debiandoc2html release-notes.sgml' to get the
HTML, or `debiandoc2txt release-notes.sgml' to get the plain text. [2]

> > > I'd be happy to give you CVS access to the boot-floppies CVS area
> > > where the release notes source is kept.
> That's okay, then I'll finally have a good reason to learn CVS ;-)
> From what I've heard, CVS "should" be done with/over ssh. Do you need my
> ssh identity.pub ?

IIRC once you get the access, both RSA and password authentication work
(I use the normal password auth). Adam, can you get Anne this access?

[1] Put this in the file if the makefile gives you trouble:

<!entity docversion    "CVS, pre 2.2">
<!entity docdate       "Thu May 25 11:58:19 CEST 2000">
<!entity language      "C">
<!entity release       "2.2">
<!entity kernelversion "2.2.15">
<!entity altkernelversion "">
<!entity architecture  "i386">
<!entity % official-web-build "IGNORE">
<!entity path-to-top-level "../">
<!entity % i386 "INCLUDE">
<!entity % lang-C "INCLUDE">
<!entity % cfdisk.txt "INCLUDE">
<!entity % fdisk.txt "INCLUDE">

Of course, if you're on another arch, s/i386/whatever/.

[2] Get the debiandoc-sgml package, and read debiandoc2html(1) for more
information about that stuff, and about any additional document formats it
can produce. Regarding SGML in general, it's just like HTML :) just follow
the examples, the already written parts of text.

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