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Re: volunteer

w trillich:

>     a. search field, top left number one always always always.

Getting a new search engine is something that should be highly prioritized,
yes. However, I don't see the need for having entry fields on all pages,
especially since we have the "Search" link on each page.

>     b. newbie links:
>         - debian faq / faq-o-matic
>         - debian / linux glossary
>         - where/how to download debian

These are linked, but not directly from the front page. All links can't go
on the first page, or else it will take forever to download.

>         - will debian work on my hardware? [ports]
>             - i386
>             - powerpc
>             - sparc
>             etc

That goes into the installation manual or release notes, I think.

>         - how to upgrade to a newer debian [apt-get / apt]

That as well.

>     c. have the remainder of the left column contain
>         - tip of the day (maybe make a fortune database for this?)

That could probably be a good idea, if someone can write anything good.

>         - quick-start guide

What do you mean? A link to something?

>         - debian mailing lists galore

There's a link to that page.

>         - why debian? [about the debian organization]
>             - philosophy
>             - contact
>             - volunteer
>             - donate
>             etc.

That is linked as well.

>         - languages available (use nationality flag icons)
>             [need to fix "??????? ?? (GB) ?? (Big5) 
>             ??? ??? Dansk..." regardless]

One should not mix nationality with language, that's a stupid thing to do.
I'm currently in the process of removing that stupidity from my own personal
pages (not entirely done yet).

For example: Should a flag for the Republic of Finland represent the Finnish
or Swedish language, both being official languages there? Should the flag of
the Kingdom of Sweden represent the Swedish language, or any of the official
minority languages, such as Finnish, Mienkylä (sp?) or Samic? Should the
flag for the Kingdom of Norway represent Bokmål or Nynorsk, the two official
Norwegian language variants? What country flag should indicate English - the
UK flag, the US flag, the Indian flag, or what?

What about languages that don't have a country (Esperanto, Mienkylä (the
Finnish-language dialect spoken in the area around the Swedish-Finnish
border around Haparanda/Torneå), or whatever)?

I'm a Swedish speaking Swedish citizen living in the country of Norway, to
me, I would think that a Norwegian flag would take me to a part of a site
pertaining to Norway (something that is interesting to me, and the way they
do on the Nordic shopping websites), not to a page in Norwegian (although
several pages pertaining to Norway normally is in one of the Norwegian

The best thing is to do as is done now, have the language

> online html documentation must be updated so that any reference to
> 'currently' is replaced with 'as of xx/yy/zz' to reduce
> misinformation--such as the outdated comment that "hamm (2.0) is the
> current debian release."

Where can one read that?

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