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Re: A way to edit debiandoc-sgml

Marcin Owsiany writes:

> Thanks! I thought emacs gave something more... but since it seems I have
> to learn Debiandoc anyway, then I'll just stick to "joe"

I'd instead recommend trying Emacs harder. Jaldhar should have pointed out
that if you use PSGML (an sgml and xml mode), you won't have to memorize
debiandoc nor DocBook, nor XHTML, since PSGML reads the DTD for you, and
thus can list the tags you're allowed to enter at anytime. Of course, once
you've selected the one you need, it writes them down, along with mandatory
subelements, if any. I doubt Joe can do that, does it? :-)

FYI, a mode in Emacs is just a way to see a text file. Once you load a text
file, you can look at it as a series of bytes, a program code, a mail
following the RFC 2047, an XML file, you name it. Of course, once you look
at a file through a specific mode, you can apply specific things according to
the "nature" you gave him by doing so.


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