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Re: Help with German Documentation

On Fri, Feb 11, 2000 at 09:18:19AM +0000, Rodger Etz-Brown wrote:
> >Get it.
> Will do.


> >I write new sections and so on. The debian-tutorial, the debian-guid
> >and the install guid are GPL. This text is also GPL.
> To the English and the German part or just the German part?

I write now only german parts. But after the relase, I translate it.

> >Read the whole text, make corrections, mail a patch.
> >start writing a new chapter (first make a nice note per email) und
> >mail the chapter.
> >At 14-16.02.2000 I send the german Text (the .tex-file) to linuxland.
> Aeehhmmm, that is...aeh?....middle of next week? Not much time at all! Will 
> try my best ;-)

yes. I send it today to linuxland and Frauke Wilkens start with corrections
(spell, grammar, better german...).

But we can add chapters, make technical corrections and so on.

> > > Looking forward to work on this with you (or anybody else who is 
> >involved).
> >
> >Write, make corrections and make updates. We don't have time with
> >potato.
> Har, har :-)


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