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Re: Help with German Documentation

no. On my home-dir is only the translation. Now I put the last
version (the .dvi and the .tex) to master.

Get it.
Will do.

I write new sections and so on. The debian-tutorial, the debian-guid
and the install guid are GPL. This text is also GPL.
To the English and the German part or just the German part?

Read the whole text, make corrections, mail a patch.
start writing a new chapter (first make a nice note per email) und
mail the chapter.

At 14-16.02.2000 I send the german Text (the .tex-file) to linuxland.
Aeehhmmm, that is...aeh?....middle of next week? Not much time at all! Will try my best ;-)

> Looking forward to work on this with you (or anybody else who is involved).

Write, make corrections and make updates. We don't have time with
Har, har :-)

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