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Re: Doc Needed: The Debian Way

Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> On Wednesday 17 November 1999, at 15 h 57, the keyboard of Mark Small
> <mark@satlantic.com> wrote:
> > something that Debian really needs to have is a short doc about the
> > "debian way" of doing things.  What I'm thinking of is a short summary
> > of the features that make debian different (better?)
> It is a very good idea but I suggest to change it a bit: the most important is
> not a propaganda text (we are the best) but a guide (not a HOWTO, we already
> have man pages) of the "Debian Way". Most mistakes I see on Debian machines
> are made by people who come from RedHat or Solaris or just read any random
> "Linux for lobotomized" book and break things that way.
> We need a text explaining:
> - everything under /usr/local is yours, leave the rest (except /etc) to dpkg,
> - use apt,
> - /etc/alternatives,
> - recompiling source packages,
> - the BTS,
> - etc
> Just explanations of the concepts, and directions to the man pages.
Exactly what I was thinking.
> Now, the tough question: who will write and maintain it?
I'll start a rough draft (no formatting -- just ascii), and submit
it to the DDP for someone more qualified to edit/revise/maintain.
I am not a developer, and have no immediate plans ( or skills ) to
become one.
I leave it up to the DDP team to take over (or ignore) any draft that I

I've heard "show me the code".  How about "show me the doc".
Any objections?


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